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Check out our expert betting predictions. To succeed with betting predictions, you need to accurately predict the score of the game. Here are the tips for doing it as accurately as possible. 

Today Football Betting Predictions

Last modified: 2022-05-28 06:33:35 UTC+ 1
Yield: -0.66%
Oesters IF vs Joenkoepings Soedra
28/05 15:00
Over 2.5 goals
In Sweden Superettan, day 10 . Osters, fifth in the standings with 16 points, 15 goals scored and 11 conceded hosts Jonkopings, 13th in the standings with 7 points, 17 goals scored and 21 conceded. In...
Yield: -0.66%
Esbjerg fB vs Jammerbugt FC
1. Division Relegation Group
28/05 14:30
Over 2.75 goals
In this Danish first division, relegation group match, I have decided to bet over 3 and I will now explain the reasons for this choice, a bet that is based solely on statistics Esbjerg and Jammerbugt...
Yield: -3.82%
Foolad Khuzestan vs Sepahan
1. Division
29/05 17:30
Sepahan to win
In the next round the Foolad Khuzestan is playing against Sepahan. Foolad Khuzestan gained 45 points so far, Sepahan gained 55 points. Sepahan won against Foolad Khuzestan in the previously played game...
Yield: 2.14%
Atletico MG vs Avai FC
Serie A
30/05 00:00
Atletico MG to win
Hallo all This SINGLEBET, is coming from Brazil, as Atletoco MG are facing Avai FC Atletico are the current champions in Brazil and they surely didn´t have the best start, to the new season so far They...
Yield: -0.66%
Huddersfield vs Nottingham Forest
Championship Playoff
29/05 17:30
Under 2.25 goals
This is the championship play-off final to be played at Wembley between Huddersfield and Nottingham Forest. In this match I think the best bet might be under 2.25 and the first reason because I chose this...

Football Betting Tips

Football is one of the most prominent sports among betting sites in Kenya. Thanks to the intervention of the most renowned sportsbooks from around the world, the punters from Kenya now have access to a huge selection of sports markets and betting predictions. 

Head to Head Results 

If you’re trying to predict the score of a particular football match, your first task is to dig out the head-to-head results of both teams. What we mean by that is you need to find the previous results for the matches between the two teams in question. 

As you analyze the scores and look at the team lineup, you will get a clear idea of why one team came on top of the other. It should be fairly easy to find a pattern between the results as long as there is a skill difference between the teams. 

Football Betting Predictions

The Team LineUp

Speaking of the team lineup, it’s one of the most important metrics of predicting a football score correctly. Almost all football teams around the world, whether the national teams or club teams, have star players. It’s usually the stars who contribute the most to the game. 

Depending on how many stars are playing on the match you’re betting, you can predict the defense and offense strategies for both teams. From there, it should be a breeze to predict which team might come on top of the other. 

Analyzing Individual Players

In sports betting predictions, there are multiple markets apart from the outright, over/under, and points spread. Many bookmakers offer markets such as highest goal scorer, first to score the goal, man of the match, etc. 

To succeed in these bets and to make correct predictions, the professional betting tips you need is how the players approach the match. If it’s an aggressive player you’re betting on, chances are he/she will score the most goals. If it’s a midfielder, he/she may do the most number of assists. 

Season Results 

Just as you need to analyze the head-to-head results for correct international football predictions, you need to analyze the season results as well. Season results can show you performance metrics such as how a team has performed, which players were the most active, what are the weaknesses of the teams, and so on. 

One less-discussed aspect of team performance is managerial changes. When a new manager or a new coach is introduced, it impacts the entire team. You need to consider the changes in the approach of the teams after a managerial change.

Top Football Events to Bet on in 2022

Football is the most popular sport across the globe. Many bettors favour this sport because of its multiple markets and events. Almost every country has a football team or a local league featuring several clubs. 

Europe, in particular, has the most prominent clubs with top-flight competitions attracting betting enthusiasts. In Kenya, there are multiple talented clubs featured in the Kenya Premier League, such as Sofapaka, Gor Mahia, and Thika United. 

Now, we will highlight top football events that online punters can wager on.

World Cup

The World Cup is arguably the biggest tournament in football. Typically, the event takes place after every four years with qualifying nations presenting their teams. 

The last World Cup was hosted in Russia, and France emerged as the champion. It was filled with action from the world’s top footballers like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, and Kylian Mbappe representing their nations. All world regions were featured, including Africa, Asia, and South America.

In 2022, fans are waiting with bated breath for the event to start in August. 


This is a competition with participants drawn strictly from African countries. Teams that participate in the Afcon are selected through a rigorous process involving many qualification matches. Some of the recent teams that have won AFCON include Algeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt, and Senegal. These nations are home to key players like Sadio Mane, Riyad Mahrez, and Mohamed Salah, who are also prolific in the European leagues.

Champions League

In the Champions League, the top four teams in the European leagues are selected to participate. It is the highest level of club football. Notably, the event takes place each year with champions being crowned around May. Real Madrid has the highest number of trophies.

Europa League

The Europa League is second to the Champions League. To qualify for this competition, teams must include winners of the Carabao, FA Cup, and the fifth-placed in top-level leagues. At the moment, Barcelona is dominating the Champions League as the favourite to win this year’s trophy.

Europe’s Top Leagues

Many European countries have their own leagues, for instance, England, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain have the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga. According to global statistics, the Premier League has the most-watched matches. In addition, the leading team in Ligue 1 is Paris Saint Germain, who have won the most titles in the past decade. It has the biggest names like Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar.

Serie A is equally competitive, with teams like Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan dominating the league. Notable names that have played include Georgio Chiellini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In Bundesliga, Bayern Munich achieved the most titles with the help of veteran players like Thomas Muller and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Lastly is La Liga, which has seen a perennial contest between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Games between the two are referred to as ‘El-Clasico’ matches with Real Madrid winning 3-2 in January’s last encounter.

Kenya Premier League

Taking place every year, the Kenya Premier League consists of 18 clubs chasing for the top title. At the moment, some Kenyan fans are still too focused on the European leagues, thus paying lesser attention to this competition. It also does not help that the government has done little to upgrade the facilities to encourage young players. Nonetheless, Gor Mahia and FC Leopards are greatly popular with a huge fan base.

English Championship

Below the English Premier League is the English Championship which hosts 24 clubs. At the end of the season, the first two teams are automatically enrolled in the Premier League, while the 3rd to 6th ranks go into playoffs to determine the third team to join the top-flight. Norwich City were crowned the Champions in 2020/2021.

FA Cup

The FA Cup is the oldest competition in England, and it features all teams up to League 10. All Premier League teams take part, although in later stages. Most Premier League clubs have won the FA Cup trophy more than those in lower leagues. Leicester City is the current titleholder, where players like Jamie Vardy and Kasper Schmeichel played a significant role in various stages of the tournament.

Copa Del Rey

Copa Del Rey is a prestigious trophy in the history of Spanish football. Winners of the trophy are directly enrolled into the Europa League. Barcelona has achieved the most success with 31 titles. Athletic Bilbao is the second most triumphant team with 23 titles, while Real Madrid ranks third with 19. It is no surprise that Barcelona is the current champion after beating Athletic Bilbao 4-0 in the 17th April final.

Copa America

In Copa America, 12 South American teams battle it out to determine the victor among them. There are a few dominant participants such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile. The 2021 final match featured Argentina against Brazil, with Argentina winning 1-0. While Angel Di Maria was the only goal scorer, Lionel Messi and Neymar were voted the best players.

Today Tennis Betting Predictions

Last modified: 2022-05-28 06:33:36 UTC+ 1
Yield: 10.21%
Holger Rune vs Hugo Gaston
Roland Garros ATP
28/05 20:45
Over 32.5 games
Tomorrow evening at 20:45 CET, men's tennis in France continues with the 1/16 Finals of the French Open; among others with the match between the 19 year old Holger Rune (#40) from Denmark and the two year...
Yield: 1.19%
David Goffin vs Hubert Hurkacz
Roland Garros ATP
28/05 14:30
Over 37.5 games
Match of tennis. We are at the Grand Slam. Match between David Goffin from Belgium and Hubert Hurcakz from Poland. For this match i wanna try the over 37,5. I think that we Will see a Great game here and...
Yield: -0.88%
Holger Rune vs Hugo Gaston
Roland Garros ATP
28/05 20:45
Hugo Gaston to win
Roland Garros, Paris, men's singles, 3rd round: Hulger Rune vs Hugo Gaston Rune and Gaston face each other at the French Open on Saturday. Rune quietly defeated in three sets both of his opponents (Shapovalov...
Yield: 2.61%
Andrey Rublev vs Cristian Garin
Roland Garros ATP
28/05 11:00
Over 33.5 games
Hello bettors, today we have an easy match to predict in my point of view, in one hand we have the truly best player of this duel, like Rublev, but on the other hand we have a expert on that court like...
Yield: 2.61%
Paula Badosa vs Veronika Kudermetova
Roland Garros WTA
28/05 14:30
Under 21 games
Hello again bettors, for me, this matchup is very favourable to the spanish player. My prediction is that she's going to beat Kudermetova in consecutive sets and that match not gonna take long. Badosa...

Tennis Betting Tips

Right after football, tennis is the next big sport for Kenyan punters. It’s one of those sports where team performance doesn’t matter. The individuals are where the magic of tennis is. So, how do you predict the tennis scores accurately? 

Let’s find out through some tips. 

Study the players

This is the best tip anyone can ever give you when sports betting predictions on tennis are concerned. And when we say study, we don’t mean going over their recent statistics. You need to accurately gauge the depth of the players’ skills and dedication by analyzing their previous matches. 

When you devote time to understand how each player approaches the matches, you can come up with reliable predictions. If you put in the hours, you might even outdo the bookmakers! 

The bottom line is, you need to know everything there is about a tennis player’s style. Because you never know which trait might come in handy to change the outcome of the match. 

Consider the Court

Tennis is usually played on four types of courts. Natural grass, clay, artificial grass, and hard courts. It’s very unlikely that one player can master all of them. Different players have efficiency on different court types. 

For example, Rafael Nadal is nearly unstoppable on a clay court. Roger Federer, on the other hand, is more efficient on grass courts. So, if there’s a match between Nadal and Federer on a clay court, it’s safe to say that Nadal will outperform Federer. And vice versa if it’s a match on a grass court. 

Using such information, you can improve the odds for your sports betting predictions. 

Previous Head to Head Results

The term head to head goes hand in hand with tennis. As the major events are 1v1, analyzing the results of the matches is fairly easy for tennis prediction. The court type and the skillset of the players will ultimately determine the outcome. 

Along with the results, you can try checking the weather on that particular day. Believe it or not, the weather has a lot to do with how a tennis player performs. If it’s hot, exhaustion comes into play. 

Style of the Players 

Last but not the least, the playing style of an individual is very important when you’re trying to come up with accurate tennis predictions. Some players serve big while others don’t. Some like to play head-on while others run back and forth on the court. 

You can get insights regarding the playing style by analyzing the previous matches. You also need to consider how the opponent is reacting to a particularly peculiar serve. No information is useless if you’re trying to improve your odds of winning at tennis predictions. 

tennis betting predictions

Today Basketball Betting Predictions

Last modified: 2022-05-28 06:33:36 UTC+ 1
Yield: 0.53%
Basquet Manresa vs Real Madrid
Liga Endesa Playoff
28/05 16:30
Real Madrid to win
Spanish ACB league, quarter finals playoffs, Game 2 in series best of 3 Basquet Manresa is welcoming Real Madrid. The hosts have imperative of winning since Real took the job done in the opening game...
Yield: -0.21%
Palencia vs Baloncesto Oviedo
LEB playoff
28/05 18:00
Under 150.5 points
Three of the last five matches played by the away team across all competitions have seen a total of less than 150.5 points scored per match, so there is quite possible that in this match played between...
Yield: -0.21%
BC Vienna vs Swans Gmunden
Superliga Playoff
28/05 19:00
Over 163.5 points
Three of the last five matches played by the home team on her stadium across all competitions have seen a total of more than 163.5 points scored per match, so there is quite possible that in this match...
Yield: -3.79%
Nanjing Monkey King vs Jiangsu Dragons
06/04 13:30
Over 49.5 points in 4th quarter
Both of these teams have been good at shooting in this season. The Nanjing Monkey Kings are even better. The Pace of ball movement will be fast and that could result in a high scoring. @1.76 odds my bet...
Yield: -3.79%
Nanjing Monkey King vs Jiangsu Dragons
06/04 13:30
Over 49.5 points in 4th quarter
Both of these teams have been good at shooting in this season. The Nanjing Monkey Kings are even better. The Pace of ball movement will be fast and that could result in a high scoring. @1.76 odds my bet...

Basketball Betting Tips 

Basketball might not be one of the most played sports in Kenya, but it certainly has its fair share of fans. The fandom translates well with the bookmakers as well. That’s why you’ll find plenty of basketball predictions and the most professional betting tips on our website. 

Here are our top tips for correct basketball predictions:

Go with Bookmaker Favorites 

This is something we don’t say every day. But when it’s basketball we’re talking about, bookmakers usually have the most accurate predictions. The reason is, basketball is one of those sports where surprises are not very common. If you think a team will win and you have reasons to back your claim, you’re most probably right. 

So, the best basketball betting tip we can share with you is that you should back the bookmaker’s favorite teams!

The motivation of the Team 

Just like with any other sport, the motivation of the players plays a big role in basketball predictions. When the players are in the right mindset to win the match and win the tournament, you can rely on them with your hard-earned money. 

When the players of a team are good with each other and they have a strong bond, it’s considered as one of the biggest strengths of a basketball team. It reflects on the performance and the team management as well. 

The Severity of the Match/Tournament

Although it’s not professional, we’ve seen basketball teams not take a match seriously and use a weak lineup of players instead of the strongest lineup. These are the matches or tournaments you need to be careful about. When the motivation is not in the right place, the match becomes unpredictable. 

Keep Up to Date with the Team

If you want to succeed with betting predictions regardless of the sport, you always need to be on top of the team formation. If you thought a team was good in 2015, it’s not necessary that it’s still performing on the same level. 

This is one of the most common mistakes among new punters. They think they know how a team would perform without cross-checking the latest developments.

basketball betting predictions

Types of Betting Predictions 

Betting predictions can go all different ways when you introduce betting markets into the mix. Markets are individual events that you directly bet on. For example, if you’re betting on the Kenya team to win against Nigeria in a football match, that’s a market. And it’s called an outright bet. 

So, what are the most common markets for betting predictions in Kenya? Let’s find out. 

1×2 Predictions

Also known as three-way betting, this is the market where you bet on three different outcomes. You can back the home team, the away team, or a tie. For accurate 1×2 predictions, the tips we’ve shared in our previous sections will come in handy. 

Both Teams to Score Predictions 

This is the market where you predict the scores by both teams. In this market, you place a bet on the fact that both teams will score as well as the winner of the match. 

Full Time Predictions 

Sports such as football, basketball, tennis, etc. where the matches are divided into parts, you can do full time predictions. It simply means you predict the potential scores after the match has been played full time. It usually doesn’t include extra time. 

Bet of the Day 

Bet of the day is a market that has received the greatest number of tips on a given day. Both the markets and the sports are going to vary from bookmaker to bookmaker in Kenya.

Correct Score Predictions 

The correct score prediction is exactly how it sounds. Whether it’s football, tennis, basketball, or any other sport, you just predict the exact score of the match. These markets usually have very high odds. 

Double Chance Predictions 

Double chance predictions are similar to outright predictions, but you get two chances. It means you can place your bet on two different outcomes and expect the same payout. 

Draw no Bet Predictions 

On a three-way market, you can eliminate the draw as an outcome with this prediction. So, if you remove x from 1×2 betting, you’ve left with a draw no bet prediction

Anytime Goalscorer Predictions 

The anytime goalscorer bet is placed on an individual player where you back him/her to score a goal within the specified match time. If it’s football, you’re backing a player’s score within 90 minutes. Usually, injury time and extra time are not considered. 

Asian Handicap Predictions

In Asian handicap, one team gets a head start. The predictions that consider the handicaps come into this category. 

Over-Under Predictions

Over-under or totals prediction is when the bookmaker assigns a value as the score of a game and you bet on the actual score to go over or remain under the assigned score. 

Win to Nil Predictions

It simply means when the losing team scored nil. If it’s a football match, scores such as 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, etc. come under this category. 

football betting predictions

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Betting Predictions FAQ

How to predict soccer bets?

Follow the tips we’ve shared and bet on our recommended bookmakers. 

How to win betting on the NBA?

To win your bets on NBA matches, you can follow the professional betting tips we’ve shared. 

How to win in tennis betting?

Tennis betting predictions are relatively complex because you need to digest more information regarding a player. Follow our tips for a maximum chance of success. 

What is the most predictable sport to bet on?

In general, basketball is considered one of the most predictable sports to bet on. 

What is the safest sport to bet on?

There are none. Sports betting is a luck-based industry. No one can guarantee you the safety of your money.