MozzartBet App Kenya: New and Old Version Download Guide for 2024

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It becomes more interesting when a player can access all MozzartBet betting platform features through the MozzartBet app in Kenya.

This article is for you if you want to see how to get and use the MozzartBet bonus through the app, both on Android and iOS, including the new and old versions.


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About MozzartBet App

For players to have a more thrilling betting experience, Mozzartbet provides a mobile app to their members.

With the mobile app available to Android and iOS users, players can conveniently use the betting platform for their various tasks.

MozzartBet App Download Kenya – Step-By-Step Guide

Using the MozzartBet mobile app, a new version of the app allows users to perform everything about MozzartBet just the same way they can through the desktop or mobile site.

In addition, the MozzartBet app’s new version will give you access to all the current features that will aid you to win on the sports betting platform.

Our MozzartBet review showed that there are two means of getting the app. It either gets the Android version or the iOS version. This depends on the type of mobile gadget that you use.

Android App Download

If you use an Android device, below is the step-by-step guide on how you can download the MozzartBet app in Kenya;

How to download the MozzartBet Android app?

  1. Visit the MozzartBet website

    Use your Android device.

  2. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page

    You will find the “Get it on Google Play” and “Download on the App Store” icons.

  3. Click the “Get it on Google Play” icon to proceed

    When you get on the resulting page, you will notice two icons; the “Get it on Google Play” and the “Instructions” icon. Click on the “Get it on Google Play” button to continue.

  4. Immediately you do that; you will see a pop-up where you can download the Mozzart.apk app file

    Next, you will see a warning claiming the type of file may be harmful to your phone. Finally, click on the “Download” button to proceed.

  5. Once you have downloaded the file, click the “Open” icon to install the app

    You may need to allow the browser to enable installation from the source through your settings to proceed.

  6. Install the MozzartBet app

    You can enjoy it by logging into your account.

Note that the new version of the MozzartBet app Kenya requires Android version 4.1. or higher. If your Android device does not support it, then you may need to download the old version.

Also, remember that you would need to register at MozzartBet in order to use its app.

iOS App Download

For those using iOS devices, including iPhones and iPods, the step-by-step guide below will show you how to download the MozzartBet app Kenya:

  1. Visit the MozzartBet website on your iOS device.
  2. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will notice the “Get it on Google Play” and “Download on the App Store” icons.
  3. Click the “Download on the App Store” icon to proceed.
  4. You will then be promoted to the app store, where you can install the app either for iPhone or iPad.
  5. If you want to install it for iPhone, ensure the button is on iPhone, and proceed to click the “Install” button to download. The same applies to those using an iPad. Again, ensure the button is on the iPad icon before clicking the “Install” button.
  6. Once you successfully install the app, you can proceed to enjoy the app.

You should also note that the new iOS version of the MozzartBet app requires iOS 13.0 or later for iPhone, iPad 13.0 or later on iPad, and iOS 13.0 or later for iPod touch. So kindly download the odd version if you are using an iOS device below that.

MozzartBet Mobile App System Requirements

As earlier stated, you need to have an Android version 4.1 or higher to install the app on your Android device successfully. In addition, the MozzartBet mobile app is only 16.5 MB in size, making it very light.

If you want to download the old version, you need an Android that is up to version 2.3 or higher.

For iOS users, you need to have an iOS 13.0 device for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The mobile app is also light, 79.4 MB in size. You can get the older version at 71.2 MB with an iOS version of 12.0.

How to Install the New Version of the MozzartBet App?

MozzartBet users can either install the Android or iOS version of the MozzartBet app new version app.

As stated earlier above, all you have to do is go to the Mozzarbet website. Then, scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on either “Get it on Google Play” or “Download on the App Store.”

If you click on “Get it on Google Play,” you will get a pop-up where you can download the APK file of the app. Once you finish downloading the file, you can install the Android app.

Ensure you allow the app to download from the source by navigating to your phone settings.

If you click the “Download on the App Store” icon, you will be prompted to the app store, where you can install the MozzartBet mobile app directly to your iOS device.

Mozzart Bet New Version

How to Register Using the MozzartBet App?

Registering an account on the MozzartBet is simple. New players who intend to use the MozzartBet app for account creation should follow the guide below.

  1. After downloading and installing the MozzartBet app, open it.
  2. Then click the profile symbol at the top right corner.
  3. Next, click “Register” to direct you to the registration page.
  4. On the registration page where you will have to fill out a form, enter a valid phone number and password twice.
    Mozzartbet Registration Application
  5. Then check the boxes at the bottom of the registration form asking if you accept the terms of use and privacy policy and if you’re over 18 years old.
  6. Lastly, click “Register” to finish the process.

How to Claim Welcome Bonus Using the MozzartBet App?

MozzartBet currently does not have a welcome bonus. However, the website offers several promotions which players can claim using the MozzartBet app.

One of the offers is the Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot Bonus which offers amounts of up to Ksh 200,000,000

So, how can bettors claim this bonus?

  1. MozzartBet does not offer a promo code during registration, so players just have to opt-in for this bonus using the mobile app.
  2. To be eligible for this offer, players have to pay for tickets before the start of the first match.
  3. The ticket is a fixed stake of Ksh 50.

Players can win this jackpot bonus by predicting the result of 20 football games. However, correct predictions of 17, 18, and 19 matches are entitled to a cash prize bonus to be shared between the winners.

MozzartBet App Features

The Mozzart app has all the features that are on the Mozzart website.

Thanks to some additional features, users’ experiences with the sports betting platform become even better. Let’s check some of them below;

Customer Support

The MozzartBet app gives you access to contact customer support through the app. The bookmaker allows its customers to enjoy frequently asked questions and also contact customer support through WhatsApp, email, and phone numbers.

User Experience

The mobile app has excellent navigation that allows users to access all the mobile app features right from the first page. The UI/UX design helps users find whatever they are looking for quickly.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The MozzartBet app allows its users to deposit and withdraw through the app, depending on their payment method. It is swift and direct, and they can do it from the comfort of their homes.

Live Betting

Users of the mobile app can enjoy live betting as sporting events go on. It is easy, and it is available for all sporting events.

Actual Sporting Events and Casino

MozzartBet allows its users to access a series of sporting events through the app. Players are spoilt for choices and can choose whichever sports or casino event they want to bet on.

MozzartBet Features

How to Access the MozzartBet App Old Version?

MozzartBet users could sometimes find themselves in a situation where they don’t have access to the mobile device required for the latest version of the MozzartBet app Kenya. In that case, they may need to download the MozzartBet app old version.

So if your Android or iOS version is not up to those supported by the new versions of the app, there is a way out for you. All you should do is download the old version.

Although you may not have access to all the new features that come with the latest version, you can still place your bet and enjoy every bit of the mobile app in the old version. Whether old or new, nothing stops you from winning.

For Android Devices

The new Android version of the MozzartBet app in Kenya supports Android 4.1 and above. It means as long as your Android device is in that range, you can use the app.

Android 4.1 was released in 2012, and it means any Android device that you may now have should be around that version or higher.

If you have an Android device lower than that, you may need to get access to the APK file of the old MozzartBet app version. It is currently not on MozzartBet’s website, but if you can get the APK file, you will access it.

mozzartbet android

For iOS Devices

The older version of the MozzartBet app Kenya on iOS is more accessible than the Android equivalent because you can get it on the app store. Follow the step-by-step guide below to find out;

  1. Visit the MozzartBet website on your iOS device.
  2. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will notice the “Get it on Google Play” and “Download on the App Store” icons.
  3. Click the “Download on the App Store” icon to proceed.
  4. You will then be promoted to the app store, where you can see the latest version of the app.
  5. What you should do is scroll down to where you can find “More By This Developer.” You will notice two old apps from the developer; “Mozzart Sports” and “Mozzart Sport Kenya Sports.”
  6. Click on “Mozzart Sports” to download the oldest version of the app.
  7. Click the “install” button to download the mobile app on the resulting page.
  8. If you want to install it for the iPhone, ensure the button is on the iPhone. The same applies to those using an iPad. Ensure the button is on the iPad icon before clicking the “Install” button.

MozzartBet Mobile Version

The MozzartBet mobile version is a simplified version of the desktop site. It is arguably the most used method by online bettors to wager on sporting events and casino games.

Also, it is a better alternative for individuals who don’t own a laptop or desktop computer.

MozzartBet mobile site is more convenient and flexible, allowing you to bet on the go. Also, they are well-optimized for various mobile devices with a well-arranged layout that covers all of the functions and features available on the desktop site.

MozzartBet Mobile Version vs Mobile App

MozzartBet mobile version and mobile app are similar because they are both created for smartphone users. However, the app is more technologically advanced than the mobile site, allowing players to use the betting platform more conveniently.

Aside from using lesser data, the app load faster. Also, the app provides users with a fantastic experience when they wager on and stream live games and play casino games, allowing them to place more informed bets.

Additionally, the app keeps you logged in and gives you recent updates about the bookmaker, unlike the mobile version, which you have to log in anytime you want to use it.

The mobile site, however, poses a few advantages over the app. For instance, players do not have to download a file that occupies space on their device.

The mobile site also works on all devices, unlike the app with a system requirement to work. For instance, you need an Android 4.1 for it to work on your Android device.

Conclusively, both have their pros and cons, but in the long run, the onus is on the members to decide the one that best suits them.

MozzartBet App Kenya Review

With the MozzartBet app, mobile betting has become easier, with many users adopting this method. This app is available for Android and iOS users, allowing bettors to access the site’s various sporting events and casino games.

The app also offers an intuitive interface that makes betting enjoyable.

There’s practically nothing the desktop site offers that you won’t find on the mobile app. Without a doubt, this is a laudable innovation from this betting company.

MozzartBet App Kenya FAQs

To help you better understand how the mobile app works, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the app.

Yes, the mobile app is safe to use for Kenyan bettors. They use high-level encryption technology to protect the user’s private information and finances.

No, players do not necessarily need a MozzartBet account to use the app. In fact, players can create an account with the mobile app.

Yes, players may deposit and withdraw funds using the mobile app.

The MozzartBet may not work if it doesn’t meet the system requirements or the internet is poor. To be specific, players can reach out to the site’s customer service.

Our MozzartBet App Review
  • New app version
  • Old app version
  • System Requirements
  • Easy to use

Our MozzartBet App Review

MozzartBet app Kenya is undoubtedly an excellent app, but there are pros attached to it, but there are also cons. Check below to find out the pros and cons and if there is the MozzartBet welcome bonus for the app.


  • You will get 100% betting options and markets just like the website with a variety of sports and matches.
  • The app support both iOS and Android devices.
  • It has low system requirements.
  • It allows users to live stream games.
  • Easy to download.
  • Free to download.
  • Easy to place a bet from any location. Users can also place live bets.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Sports news.
  • The daily jackpot on the mobile app.
  • Responsive support team.


  • There is no available option for windows.
  • There is no welcome bonus for installing the app.
  • It is not available worldwide.