Double Chance Predictions + Meaning Explained

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Double Chance Predictions

Last modified: 2022-05-28 06:33:18 UTC+ 1
Yield: 3.23%
Stroemsgodset vs Viking
28/05 18:00
Stroemsgodset to win or draw
Stroemsgodset have a lot to protect and get in this match today against Viking, Viking being at the 2nd position here in the Norway Eliteserien with 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 lose, may not stand a winning...
Yield: 3.23%
Liverpool vs Real Madrid
Champions League Final Stage
28/05 21:00
No draw in 2nd half
Well there wouldn't be a draw in this 2nd half and I look on to Liverpool to win in this half but it will be better I double Chance, because Real Madrid is also a very good team and are really in form...
Yield: 6.41%
Brisbane City vs Peninsula Power
28/05 07:00
Brisbane City to win or draw
Brisbane City are 11th with 7 points from 8 matches. They won the last match 2-1 vs Eastern Suburbs. Peninsula Power are 3rd with 18 points from 10 matches. They won the last match 7-3 vs Capalaba FC but...
Yield: 6.41%
Union Espanola vs Union La Calera
Primera Division
30/05 02:00
Union La Calera to win or draw
Union Espanola are 3rd with 28 points from 14 matches. They won the last match 4-2 vs Coquimbo. Union La Clera are 13th with 13 points from 14 matches. They draw the last match 1-1 vs La Serena. I expect...
Yield: 6.41%
CD Badajoz vs Rayo Majadahonda
Primera Division RFEF - Group 1
28/05 18:30
CD Badajoz to win or draw
CD Badajoz are 9th with 56 points from 37 matches. They are a solid team and in good form with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 5 games. Rayo Majadahonda are 5th with 59 points from 37 played matches....

What Does Double Chance Mean in Betting?

Double chance is a popular betting market, which is available for nearly all football matches and some other sports. Essentially, it takes a 3-way market like the match result (1X2) and it gives bettors two chances of winning. 

For example, if we take the 1X2 market, the betting options are home win, draw, and away win. Therefore, the possible double chance markets are:

  • Home win or draw (1X)
  • Home win or away win (12)
  • Draw or away win (X2)
Double Chance Predictions

Double Chance Odds

With the basics of the double chance meaning explained, let’s look at the odds and contrast them against the regular 1X2 market. We are using the prices given on Betway for the English Premier match West Ham United vs Liverpool.

Match Result Odds

  • West Ham United: 4.20
  • Draw: 4.20
  • Liverpool: 1.74

Double Chance Odds

  • West Ham United or Draw: 1.87
  • West Ham United or Liverpool: 1.20
  • Draw or Liverpool: 1.20

Understandably, the odds are somewhat lower for the double chance betting predictions because you are covering two of the three possible outcomes.

Best Double Chance Picks

Although double chance is offered on essentially every football match, it’s not always the right bet to place. For instance, if Real Madrid are playing Getafe at the Bernabeu and the odds of them winning are 1.15, the double chance prices will be around 1.03, which represents a minuscule payout.

From our experience, the best value double chance picks are when the favourite is playing away. Betting sites tend to give higher odds because it’s usually more difficult to win on the road. This is where punters can find good value when looking for their double chance predictions today.

How to Select Double Chance Bets

Now that you know the double chance meaninyou can useare a couple of strategies with this market.

  • Double Chance Insurance

We call this ‘insurance’ because that’s essentially what you are doing. This is a low-risk double chance strategy. What you do is find teams that you predict will win – for example, Liverpool away to West Ham. 

However, rather than backing the win on the match result, you use the double chance (draw or Liverpool) as a form of insurance. If you look around all of Europe’s top leagues for the best double chance prediction, this style of betting can increase your bankroll, albeit rather slowly.

  • High-Risk Double Chance

With this double chance strategy, you are looking for underdogs that you believe could spring a surprise. For instance, Leicester City vs Chelsea. Leicester is playing at home, and their odds are 4.68 for the win. 

While that may be unlikely against a strong Chelsea team, the best double chance prediction odds are 2.08 (on Leicester win or draw). These bets carry more risk as you are betting against the favorite, but if you put in the research, you’ll see how many of these games end in a draw, which is a win for you.

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Double Chance Predictions FAQs

Having covered the double chance meaning, we’ve included some FAQs for extra information.

What is double chance in soccer betting?

Double chance in soccer betting is a market that offers the punter two chances of winning from a regular 3-way market. For instance, the match (1X2) is a 3-way market. With double chance betting, you can wager on 1-X, 1-2, or X-2. If the outcome of the match is one of the double chances you covered, then you win the bet.

How are double chance odds calculated?

Double chance odds are calculated by adding the implied probability of the two selections, and this is followed by dividing 100 by the implied probability total. Here’s an example using the odds for Leicester vs Chelsea:

Leicester win is 4.68 and the draw is 3.92. You must first convert these odds into their implied probability (1 / odds X 100). This equals 21.36% (Leicester win) and 25.51% (draw). Add those totals (46.87%), then 100 / 46.87 = 2.13, which is the double chance odds for Leicester or the draw. Please note, the betting site will take an extra cut, so the odds will be trimmed to around 2.10.

What does double chance for both teams mean?

Double chance for both teams refers to the home win or away win option. Basically, you are betting that one of the two teams will win. If the match ends in a draw, you lose the bet.

How to win double chance prediction?

Soccer betting is all about research. That’s not to say you will win every bet, but the more effort you put into understanding the league, teams and players, the better chance you have of making more accurate double chance predictions.