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Last modified: 2021-12-06 10:18:05 UTC+ 1
Yield: -0.99%
Rijeka vs Osijek
1. Division
08/12 17:00
Osijek to win Draw No Bet
This is match of Croatia league meet teams Rijeka vs Osijek. The host are on 2 position with 30 points. The host have 9 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in 15 league matches. The guest are on 1 position with...
Yield: -0.99%
Tiverton vs Yate Town
Southern Premier Division South
01/12 20:45
Yate Town to win Draw No Bet
Tiverton vs Yate Town. The host are in bad form and they are on 15 position with 22 points. The guest play good and they are on 7 position with 29 points and they have 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in last...
Yield: -1.48%
Rieti vs Flaminia
Serie D Grp. E
05/12 14:30
Rieti to win Draw No Bet
In the Last meeting of rieti and flamina at this same home position , they claimed the victory after scoring 4 goals and allowing 1 goal at ordinary time for a total goal outcome, I Believe in this...
Yield: -2.99%
Sanliurfaspor vs Pendikspor
2. Lig - White Group
06/12 11:00
Pendikspor to win Draw No Bet
sanliurfaspor is currently in the very bad form with 3 defeats in the last 4 games, the last one was vs bandirmaspor 0-5. on other side, pendikspor has 3 wins in a row, the last one was 4-2 vs karacabey....
Yield: 10.01%
FC Porto vs Atletico Madrid
Champions League Grp. B
07/12 21:00
Atletico Madrid to win Draw No Bet
Atletico Madrid failed to avoid a defeat in previous round, vs AC Milan, and now this is a must win game for away team. I see them able to recover and for me they are closer to get a victory, as they are...

What does draw or no bet mean?

If you have ever encountered the draw no bet market in a sportsbook and wondered what it was about, then this article contains all you need to know about it.

Draw no Bet Meaning

Let’s start with the win draw no bet meaning. This simply means that once there is a draw, there is no bet. But in a bookmaker, the draw no bet predictions is a betting market where you back the home or away team for a win without the option of a draw. That means that if the team you backed wins the match, you win your bet, if they lose, you lose your bet, but if there is a draw, your stake is returned. This market simply converts the match results market from a 3-Way market to a 2-Way market.

What this means is that you can reduce the risk of losing your stake since there are only two outcomes. And since in betting, the lower the risk, the lower the reward, the odds are reduced.

Draw No Bet Predictions

Draw no bet example

Let’s illustrate this concept with some draw no bet examples. Let’s say in a match between Manchester United and Manchester City with the following odds in the Match results market

Manchester United -3.10

Manchester City – 2.45

In the draw no bet market, the odds reduce due to the removal of the draw option.

Manchester United – 2.05

Manchester City – 1.70

So that when you stake 200 KES on Manchester City, and they win, you win 410 KES (210 KES win + 200 KES stake). If the match ends in a draw, you get your 200 KES stake back, but if Manchester United wins, you will lose the bet if Manchester United wins.

Why is the draw no bet market important, let me tell you why. About 20-25% of English Premier Leagues matches played in a season ends in a draw. But most times when bettors make betting predictions in the match result market, they rarely choose the draw option. So a draw no bet market is a market to consider as you can keep your stake if the match ends in a draw, which data tells us happens about 25% of the time.

A draw no bet market is a popular betting market, but not every bookmaker offers it. And also, the market can’t be applied to some sports like lawn tennis and basketball, where the games can’t end in a draw. Here are some sports that offer the draw no bet markets.

  • Soccer
  • Ice Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Boxing

So what can you do if a bookmaker doesn’t offer the draw no bet market? You can convert either the match results market or the Asian Handicap market to a draw no bet market. Here is how.

Match results market

You can turn the match results market to a draw no bet market by the following steps.

Let’s imagine the following match between Newcastle United and Chesea and you plan to stake 200 KES for a Newcastle United Draw no bet option. These are the odds of the match.

1 – 8.00

X – 4.00

2 – 1.30

You will now divide your stake by the odds for the draw that is 50 (200/4)

Now stake 50 KES on the draw and the remaining 150 KES(200 -150) on 1

If the match ends in a draw, you will receive 200 KES (50 KES x 4.00). The same amount you would have received if you played in the draw no bet market and the match ended in a draw. But if the match ends up as a home win, you will receive 1200 KES, and of course if the away team wins, you lose the bet.

Asian Handicap

The 0 Asian handicap option offers the same returns as the draw no bet market. So if the bookmaker doesn’t offer the draw no bet market, choose the team you want to bet on in the 0:0 Asian Handicap market.

Draw no bet strategy

There are some draw no bet strategies you might use to make the most of this betting market.

The first draw no bet strategy you might use will be to play it in an accumulator, you reduce the risk of losing the bet, because there are only two outcomes. And if there is a draw in the match, that entry will just be dropped and others can win the bet slip.

Another draw no bet strategy is to play it in parlay bets. This way you will continue turning over your bet as far as the other team doesn’t win the team you backed.

Lastly, if a big team is losing to a smaller team you can play the draw no bet option. You’ll bet that the big team will still win or at least snatch a draw from their opponents. If they win, you can win a lot of money, if they lose, you get your stake back.

Draw no bet predictions tips

Here are some draw no bet predictions tips to keep in mind when playing in this market.

  • Look for matches where the likelihood of a draw is very low.
  • You can choose to combine the draw no bet entry in an accumulator to boost the winnings at the end.
  • Use the double chance market when you are not sure of how the match will play out.
  • The draw no bet market is very tricky when betting on games with 2-legged ties.
  • Look for other ways to achieve the draw no bet outcome for example with handicaps and double chance markets.
  • Play the draw no bet option as a live bet on a bigger team losing by a small margin to a smaller team.

Draw No Bet Predictions FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions about the draw no bet prediction market.

How to play draw no bet?

A draw no bet market is a market that removes the option of a draw from the match result market. To make a draw no bet prediction you have to either back the home or away team. If for example you back the home team, and they win, you win your bet, if the match ends in a draw, you get your stake back. However, if the away team wins, then your bet is lost.

What is a draw no bet accumulator?

You can play a draw no bet accumulator, by playing a game in the draw no bet market and adding other games to the bet slip. The bet is only counted when the bet slip is being settled if the team you back wins. However, if there is a draw in the draw no bet selection, that game is dropped out of your bet slip. And if the team you backed loses, it cancels the whole ticket.

How to predict a draw no bet outcome?

To play in the draw no bet market, you must make sure that the team you back are the favourites to win. But in the case they draw, you are covered, as your stake will be returned and you can bet on other games with it.

Does draw no bet include extra time?

No it doesn’t include extra time. Like most other markets including the match result, correct score and double chance market, only the result after regular time is considered when settling the bet. But this rule varies, and not every bookmaker abides by it. So check with the bookmaker you bet with whether the draw no bet market includes extra time.

What happens if you have a draw no bet in a parlay?

In a parlay bet where the returns from a bet is used to wager the next one, a draw no bet will only cut the parlay off if the opposing team wins the game. If your backed team wins, you will receive your stake plus your win, and it goes on to the next game. If there is a draw, you will receive just your stake back to be used in the next game. But if the opposing team wins, you will lose your stake and cut off the progression of the parlay.