Kenya Jackpot Predictions June, 2023 | Jackpot Betting Tips for Best Betting Sites!

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One of the best ways to win big online is by hitting the bull’s eye with your jackpot predictions. Luckily, several new betting sites in Kenya now give you express access to stake and win big on jackpot games.


Verified on 09 June 2023

18+.The Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot competition consists of predicting the final results of 20 football matches selected in advance by Mozzart Bet. The minimum and maximum number of games in the ticket is 20. Participants in this competition are obliged to pay tickets before the start of the first match in order to qualify themselves for Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot. The stake is fixed and amounts to 50 Kshs for one combination. It is allowed to bet on several combinations, double or triple outcome (double or triple), provided that each new combination costs 50 Kshs. T&Cs Apply.

Valid in Kenya

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Dafabet Jackpot Predictions
Win over 10,000,000 KSH

ChezaCash Jackpot Predictions
Predict a result and win a prize

MozzartBet Jackpot Predictions
Win Up to 200 million Kshs

22Bet Jackpot Predictions
TOTO Football

What is a Jackpot Prediction?

A jackpot is a type of bonus offered by sports bookies to help players win massively by wagering a meagre amount on several predetermined games.

A bookie can determine the modalities of the games. For instance, players may be expected to place a stake on over 2.5 predictions, under 2.5 predictions, 1X2 predictions, correct score predictions, btts predictions, and more.
Also, multiple winners can emerge in a jackpot; the only thing is, that they all get to share the winning price.

Types of Jackpots

Jackpot predictions are predictions for a selected number of games picked beforehand by the sportsbook. But did you know that there are different types of jackpot predictions?

Well, there are many different jackpots. There are regular ones, progressive ones, slots jackpots, and many others.

And a lot of sportsbooks tend to categorise these by timelines. And we’re going to explain a little bit of that to you.

Mega Jackpots

Mega jackpots are usually the biggest pool of prizes that a sportsbook or casino offers. It will have many games that you have to guess correctly.

And in case there are multiple winners, they usually share the jackpot prize equally among all the winners.

There can also be prizes within the mega jackpot that are given at more frequent intervals. And to get these prizes, all you need to do is participate in the jackpot.

Even if you don’t get all of the predictions right, you might be able to win a weekly or a daily prize.

Weekly Jackpots

A weekly jackpot can be a promotion on its own or a part of a mega jackpot. Sometimes, if people are able to guess a certain number of games correctly, but not all, in a mega jackpot, they can still win a certain prize.

So, for example, let’s say you have a mega jackpot where you have to get 20 predictions correct.

If you get 18 or more correct you win a certain part of the cash. And usually, the winners are announced weekly.

Midweek Jackpots

Midweek jackpots are similar to weekly jackpots. They’re like mini jackpot prizes which are announced at a certain time of the week.

Midweek jackpots can be announced at any time based on the discretion of the sportsbook.

Daily Jackpots

Daily jackpots are just like they sound. Winners are announced daily and given out prizes. These jackpots can be promotions on their own or bonuses with other mega jackpots.

As we mentioned before, sometimes sportsbooks give out prizes to punters even when they don’t get all of the predictions right for a mega jackpot.

There are plenty of creative ways for a sportsbook to give out jackpot prizes and get punters interested in taking part in the jackpot prediction.

Usually, jackpot prediction bonuses don’t have many requirements attached to them. You can even become eligible for a jackpot prediction bonus by just placing a regular bet.

Best Jackpot Predictions Bonuses in Kenya

To successfully hit a jackpot, you must accurately predict the outcome of several pre-selected matches to win. However, note that the bookies have the right to select the game modalities which may include 1X2 predictions, over 2.5 predictions, under 2.5 predictions, and btts predictions; and also, may determine how much you can stake.

Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

Also, catch some action on the Dafabet mega jackpot prediction to cap big winnings. The exact value of the jackpot is presently unavailable.

This information will be uploaded once the midweek jackpot prediction is announced.

Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

You can expect changes at jackpots at Dafabet jackpot predictions offer as the website updates it regularly. We will update this page and let you know as soon as there is one.

ChezaCash Jackpot Predictions

To take part in the ChezaCash jackpot prediction, you first need to be registered with the operator. Registration is very easy; you just have to launch the ChezaCash website and hit register.

The operator will ask for your phone number, a password, and age verification and then you’re done.

ChezaCash Jackpot Predictions

To take part in the jackpot prediction, you’ll likely have to place some type of bet. And to do so, you need to have funds in your account.

You can fund your account by depositing money into it through the ChezaCash paybill number, MPESA, or any other method available to you.

Once you have enough funds in your account, we would suggest that you go through the jackpot Terms and Conditions. There is a lot of information in the how-to section of any jackpot and you need to understand the requirements before placing a bet.

After that, you can just go ahead and take part in the jackpot. There are a lot of jackpot betting tips online that you can look at as well.

But the bottom line is that the jackpot is meant to be entertaining to all punters.

MozzartBet Jackpot Predictions

MozzartBet currently has 2 jackpot competitions. One is a weekly jackpot called Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot. The other is a daily jackpot called Mozzart Super Jackpot.

The mega jackpot, that is, the weekly one involves correctly predicting the outcomes of 20 pairs of pre-selected football games. If you get all 20 right, you win the jackpot prize for the week.

MozzartBet Jackpot

Mega jackpot predictions can help you do that.

You can win some prizes if you get 0, 17, 18, and 19 pairs right too. On the other hand, the daily jackpot involves predicting the results of 16 pairs of football matches chosen by the bookmaker from leagues around the world.

Getting all 16 pairs right will land you all or some of the jackpot prizes for the day.

However, if you fail to get all 16 right by a few selections, you can win some cash prizes. They apply to those who get 13, 14, or 15 pairs right.

The stake value for each combination is fixed for both jackpots.

A minimum of 50 Kshs needs to be wagered on the weekly jackpot, whereas the amount is 20 Kshs for the daily jackpot. You cannot use any free bets or other bonus amounts to take part in the jackpots.

22Bet Jackpot Predictions

Another great option for making jackpot predictions in Kenya can be found on the 22Bet website. To win in the Toto Football Jackpot predictions, players need to make correct guesses on the outcome of 14 matches.

However, bettors can only wager on 1, X, or 2 while making 22Bet jackpot predictions.

To win the prize from the Toto Prize Pool, players need to correctly predict the outcome of 14 matches.

What is more, on the operator’s Terms and Conditions page, players can find out more about how the prize is distributed in case of 13, 12, 11, 10, and 9 correct predictions.

In addition, the minimum stake to enter the 22Bet Toto Jackpot is KSH 90. Furthermore, players are able to track the minimum jackpot prize on the operator’s website, as well as the live scores for the games that they are betting on.

Also, it’s important to point out that only bettors who have an active account with this sportsbook and who are 18 years of age or older can make a 22Bet jackpot prediction.

22Bet Jackpot Predictions

1xBet Jackpot

The TOTO-15 jackpot on 1xBet is a section that allows players to predict the match winner for 15 sports games. The games are pre-selected by the 1xBet team from several sports leagues worldwide.

To participate in the 1xBet jackpot, you must predict the outcomes of all the selected matches.

This typically involves predicting the final result (win, lose, or draw) or specific parameters like the number of goals scored total points, or set results. The exact prediction options and requirements may vary for each round.

The jackpot prize pool is formed by a percentage of the total bets on the jackpot. The prizes are distributed among the participants who correctly predict the outcomes of all the selected matches.

The exact distribution and prize amounts depend on the number of winners and the prize pool size.

You must stake your selection with 90KES per round, and you can stake more than one round. The random selection feature is there if you are unsure about the selection you want to make.

Jackpot Predictions FAQ

As of the time of this write-up, the site with the biggest jackpot bonus in Kenya is Betsafe. You can win up to over KHS 110 million by staking on 17 games.
To enter the jackpot game round, you need KHS 80. There are other jackpot options to play too if you feel KHS 80 is much.

Jackpot games are not easy to predict except if you are an ardent follower of the games. So, to correctly predict jackpot games, you have to master the games, know every team’s capability, and be updated on the latest trends including transfer and injuries.

You can only win a jackpot by participating in a jackpot. So, choose a bookie offering a good jackpot bonus, then take the bull by the horn by playing the bonus. Increase your chances of winning by mastering the games and following every update.

Winning a jackpot is quite a big deal as it can change one’s life for the better. However, winning a jackpot has everything to do with luck.
The odds of winning a jackpot is 1 out of maybe 14 million or more, depending on the number of matches. This is not to imply in any way that you cannot win a jackpot. You can win if you know your games.

You can place a jackpot bet as many times as possible at various betting sites in Kenya. The stake is usually set at a low price; so, you can wager on many jackpot tickets at the same time.