Full Time Predictions May, 2024 + Meaning Explained

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Check out today’s top-rated half-time/full-time predictions.

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What does a Half-Time / Full-Time Bet Mean?

Half-time/full-time (HT/FT) is a popular betting market that is offered on several team sports; however, it’s most commonly associated with football betting. Essentially, this market is two bets combined into one.

To win an HT/FT bet, you must correctly predict the half-time result: home win, draw or away win, and also the correct full-time result: home win, draw or away win.

As your betting predictions need to be more accurate than simply wagering on the 1X2 market, the odds are more generous, which means bigger payouts on winning tickets.

Full Time Predictions

Half-Time / Full-Time Odds Compared

All bettors want to get the best value from their wagers. For some punters, that means using different betting sites for their full-time predictions bets.

Other punters, however, prefer to extract better betting value by using different markets, which is where you can use our half-time/full-time bet tips.

As highlighted, this is effectively a double bet, so let’s break it down and compare this market with the regular match result (1X2), which is still the most popular soccer bet.

For this half-time/full-time bet example, we’ve chosen the English Premier League match between Manchester United vs Manchester City, with the prices taken from a well-known betting site in Kenya.

Half-time/Full-time Odds

Manchester United are T1 because they are the home side, the ‘X’ stands for a draw, and Manchester City are T2 as the away team.

T1 / T1 8.00X / T1 10.50T2 / T1 35.00
T1 / X 15.00X / X 6.60T2 / X 14.50
T1 / T2 21.00X / T2 4.74T2 / T2 2.49

Based on these odds, the best halftime full-time bet, according to the bookmaker, is Manchester City (T2) / Manchester City (T2) at odds of 2.49. The next most likely outcome is for the game to be tied at half-time and for City to win at full-time (4.74).

Match Result (1X2) Odds

  • Manchester United: 4.78
  • Draw: 4.24
  • Manchester City: 1.75

Obviously, the half-time/full-time predictions have improved odds compared to the straightforward full-time score prediction market. For example, if you think the game will be tied at half-time but City goes on to win, you can get 4.74 odds instead of 1.75, which is a huge difference.

Half-Time/Full-Time Tips

The secret ingredient to making a successful full-time score prediction is research, but where do you start? Here are our expert tips so you can find the best halftime full-time scores for yourself.

  • Time of goals scored and conceded

Simply looking at the recent match result scores isn’t enough to conquer this market. You need to analyse when the teams in question are scoring and conceding the majority of their goals.

Do they manage to keep a clean sheet in the first half but fade away in the second? Or, does one team come out all guns blazing looking for early goals?

  • Think in halves

This is two bets, so take each half on its own merits. Following on from the tip above, focus on the first half, first. After all, if you get that wrong, the bet is lost.

Once you’re confident about a result from the first 45 minutes, then think about the full-time score prediction.

  • Home and away

Most teams are better at home than they are away. Furthermore, a manager often employs different tactics between home and away games.

When doing your research for a full-time prediction today, review recent games on a home and away basis.

  • Line ups

Knowledge of the line-ups will play a big part in your half-time / full-time predictions.

For instance, if Ronaldo is benched for the Manchester derby, it reduces their threat in front of the goal. Consider the personnel playing and the likelihood of clean sheets and goals.

Best Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Sites in Kenya

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Half-Time/Full-Time Predictions FAQs

HT/FT betting adds more excitement to your wagers, and the returns are far more generous when you land a few winners. If you still need extra information, here are some half-time/full-time predictions FAQs.

HT/FT is basically a combo bet rolled into one. Quite simply, you must predict the result at HT and the result at FT.

Log in to your betting site and find the football match that you want to bet on. Scroll through the markets to find either HT/FT or Half-Time/Full-Time. Then tap on the odds for the selection you want. Finally, open the bet slip, enter your stake and confirm the bet.

Research is the key to finding the best full time predictions today. If you have two teams that are evenly matched, a draw between them is a likely result.

No, it doesn’t. A full-time bet ends at 90 minutes + added on time. Whatever the result is at that point will determine the outcome of your full-time bet.

A full-time draw is any result in which the two teams have the same number of goals; for example, 0 – 0, 1 – 1, 2 – 2, and 3 – 3.