Best Aviator Games in Kenya | Which Online Casinos Have the Best Aviator Games?

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Fans of online casinos in Kenya who are looking to claim free spins on registration may also be interested in Aviator games. Keep reading to learn more about the top casinos where you can play Aviator online.

Best Aviator Games in Kenya in April, 2024

In the table below, you can take a look at online casinos with the best Aviator bonuses:

OperatorAviator Games BonusClaim the Aviator Bonus
Prizes Falling from the Sky
Aviator Spribe
20% bonus on their first bet

You can learn more about these Aviator bonuses in the following sections of this review.

MozzartBet Aviator Bonus

In addition to various casino bonus offers and MozzartBet betting features, players can claim Pepea Na Aviator Free Bets – the MozzartBet Aviator bonus.

Customers who explore this bonus can claim free bets every day. Furthermore, free bets rain 20 times per day for 10 minutes. Also, their worth ranges from 20 KES TO 100 KES.

You must be the first player to hit the “Claim” option to get a free bet. Furthermore, you have to use the free bet within 10 minutes of pressing the “Claim” button.

If your wager is successful, the operator will pay you out after the odds have reached the minimum of 2.0.

Aviator Games

ChezaCash Aviator Bonus

After playing through the ChezaCash welcome bonus, new players can participate in many other bonuses, including Aviator Spribe.

To play the original Aviator game on this platform, you should make a deposit to your betting account. Then, you need to use at least 200 KES of your deposit amount to place a bet on the Aviator game.

In each Aviator Spribe round, the plane ascends and disappears from the screen. However, your task is to press the “Cash Out” button after the Airplane symbol reaches the height and before it flies off.

If you succeed, you’ll receive a return on your bet. Finally, you can get up to 20,000,000 by playing this Aviator casino game.

ChezaCash Aviator

BetAfriq Aviator Bonus

A wide variety of promotional offers are accessible to players who join this betting site. One of the currently available promotions is the BetAfriq Aviator bonus. Like any bonus available on the site, you should adhere to the related terms and conditions before claiming it.

Those who are qualified for the bonus will need to deposit funds to place their bet on the Aviator game. After depositing funds, they can get a 20% bonus on their first bet.

BetAfriq Aviator Bonus

What Is Aviator Betting?

If you’ve just finished exploring the first deposit bonus and want to engage in Aviator games, you should get familiar with the game rules. Read on to learn all about this game offered by many crypto casinos.

What Are Aviator Games?

Aviator is a type of social multiplayer game. It offers a great user experience to customers who prefer playing social games. In the original Aviator game, popular with crypto casinos, there’s an ascending plane that can fly away at any moment.

Moreover, you should cash out anytime after the aeroplane symbol takes off but before it goes away. The higher it gets without leaving the game screen, the bigger the payout. In case it disappears, players lose their bets.

Alternatively, the plane may get hit and explode into the air. In that case, you bet on how long before the plane crashes.

How Does Aviator Betting Work?

When the round starts and the plane takes off, the scale of the multiplier starts increasing. It starts at 1x, but it’s up to you to predict how long it will keep growing.

The purpose of the game is to max out the height coefficient and boost the multiplier while figuring out when you should cash out.

Additionally, you only have a few seconds to decide when to cash out. Therefore, it’s good to use cryptocurrency to add funds to your account to play this game since you can make instant deposits.

How does Aviator Betting Differ From Other Forms of Betting?

To start with, Aviator games differ from other casino games for multiple reasons. Unlike most games, Aviator doesn’t feature a tried and tested system of grids and symbols.

Plus, pay lines don’t exist. They have more straightforward gameplay and controls than most casino games. Aviator games are revolutionary and offer a unique user experience.

How to Play Aviator Games on MozzartBet?

Players looking to play Aviator Spribe on this platform must be the first to click the “Claim” button to get a free bet. Moreover, free bets are raining 20 times a day for 10 minutes.

It’s also worth noting that you can take only one free bet during one rain.

If you are the first to press “Claim”, the next step is to click on Free Bets in the menu. Then, you should select the amount of your free bet as a stake.

How to Play Aviator Games on ChezaCash?

If you wish to play this Aviator game after exploring the ChezaCash welcome bonus, you must bet between 200 KES and 200,000 KES. Moreover, you can place two separate bets in one round. Also, you can use an auto-bet feature if you want.

Once you stake the desired amount, you should wait until the Airplane reaches heights. When it achieves height, hit the “Cashout” button before the plane disappears from the screen.

In addition, you can use the auto cashout feature to play the original Aviator game.

You will lose the stake if the Airplane symbol disappears before you press the button. If you successfully cash out before the Airplane flies away, you can receive up to 20,000,000 KES per round.

Moreover, the funds will instantly appear in your account. However, the amount you receive depends on your stake and the height coefficient.

Aviator Games Tips

Before you move on to join some of the best online casinos that offer Aviator games, it’s best to get familiar with some Aviator betting tips.

Start With a Small Bet

When you start playing at Aviator betting sites, it’s best to start with small wagers. That way, you can study the game and determine whether you can reach high coefficients without staking a lot of money.

Follow the Live Statistics

Moreover, players should keep track of the bet board and live statistics. So, they should take into consideration this data when making Aviator predictions.

That way, players can decide how much to bet and when to cash out.

Place a Double Bet

To begin with, you can try making a double bet when playing Aviator Spribe. In other words, you can place two separate wagers in a single round.

As such, you can make one larger and one small stake. You should also cash out your large wager after you hit a 1.50x multiplier or higher.

However, you can use the smaller wager and wait for bigger multipliers.

Halve Your Bets

Furthermore, another Aviator tip you can make use of is to halve your wagers after a trade loss.

Similarly, you can try doubling them after every successful bet. That way, you can minimise your lost wagers as well as prolong playing the game successfully.

Online Aviator Games in Kenya FAQs

Finally, you can look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Aviator games for players in Kenya:

Many online casinos in Kenya offer these games and Aviator deposit bonuses. However, some of the best Aviator betting sites you can join to play Aviator online are ChezaCash and MozzartBet.

You can withdraw money only by selecting the “Cash Out” button before the aeroplane symbol disappears from the screen. In that case, your bet is multiplied by the height coefficient at the moment of pressing the button. And you can cash out your bet on Aviator Spribe.

Even though players can claim the first deposit bonus on this site, they don’t have a chance to participate in Aviator bonuses.

Although 1xBet offers a free spins promotion, this crypto betting site excludes Aviator bonuses.