Dafabet Predictions in Kenya

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Dafabet is a global betting brand launched in 2004 that has operated in Kenya since 2017. The site features betting on about 30 sports which sits alongside prediction games. New and existing customers can enjoy Dafabet bonus which complement the prediction games for customers located in Kenya who have created an account.

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What Are Dafabet Predictions Today

Last modified: 2022-05-28 06:32:08 UTC+ 1
Yield: 6.54%
Real Oviedo vs UD Ibiza
29/05 20:00
Real Oviedo to win
Real Oviedo vs UD Ibiza. football match from Segunda Division's competition from Spain. Real Oviedo scored 65 points from 41 matches played, 13 points more than UD Ibiza. played 2 games at home in the...
Yield: 6.54%
Burgos CF vs Girona
29/05 20:00
Girona to win
Burgos CF vs Girona. football match from Segunda Division's competition from Spain. Before this game, Girona played 5 matches and did 6 points, they won 2, draw 0, lost 3, last match they won against...
Yield: 6.54%
Academia Cantolao vs Deportivo Municipal
Primera Division Apertura
29/05 18:00
Deportivo Municipal to win
Here we have Academia Cantolao vs Deportivo Municipal. A football match from Primera Division's competition from Peru. Deportivo Municipal comes with 0 win in last 5 games they played, last match they...
Yield: 6.54%
Faroe Islands U21 vs Ukraine U21
EURO U21 Qualification Grp. H
01/06 19:00
Ukraine U21 -1.00 (AH)
Ukraine U21 scored 13 points from 6 matches played, 4 points more than Faroe Islands U21. played 2 games as guests in the last 5 games, of these games no match resulted in victory. Previous away game they...
Yield: 6.54%
Adamstown Rosebud FC vs Cooks Hill United FC
Northern New South Wales
28/05 06:00
Cooks Hill United FC to win
This is a football match from State Leagues in Australia, on Stadium of Adamstown Rosebud FC. Cooks Hill United FC comes with 1 win in last 5 games they played, last match they won 5-0 against Lake Macquarie....

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Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

Examples of games for Dafabet prediction today include several related to football. These jackpot games provide the potential to win a significant prize for a small stake. You generally have to predict the outcome of over 10 football fixtures, usually from the main domestic leagues in Europe.

That means the games are generally selected from the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and French Ligue. These are also popular betting leagues which means an increased demand for predictions for normal betting and prediction games.

The objective is to predict the three-way match result after 90 minutes but not including extra time and penalties. The options are: Home Win, Draw, Away Win. It is difficult to get 10 or more match results correct so here are some pointers that complement paid Dafabet tips:

  • Examine the recent head-to-head results for the teams in the match.
  • Look at the recent form of both teams.
  • Consider key injury news, suspensions and hence team selection and absentees.
  • Take into account the benefits of playing at home.
  • Assess weather and pitch conditions.

These factors are key to the outcome of high-profile games across football and cricket, which are described below.

Dafabet HT/FT Jackpot

Dafabet Football Predictions

Dafabet football predictions are made when you enter a jackpot prediction game. Football is suited to jackpot games due to the simplicity of its outcomes. In a league fixture that does not involve extra time and penalties, there are three potential outcomes: Home Win, Draw, Away Win.

A typical football jackpot game involves trying to predict the result of 13 football matches and win a large prize. There are consolations for getting 12,11 and 10 correct but the amounts drop significantly for an additional incorrect prediction and Dafabet tips.

Even though it is extremely difficult to get 10 or more match results correct, there will be winners because of the small cost of a ticket. Players can include more than one match result in an entry but for each permutation, there is an increase in the total stake by the level stake.

If there is more than one correct entry for the 12,11,10 and all-correct Dafabet predictions, the prizes are shared equally. Many bettors will ignore the draw because they like to see a definite outcome. However, more than 30% of English Premier League matches are drawn.

In order to get close to landing the jackpot or win a consolation, entrants must have a good idea of the recent form for both teams. That involves plenty of time-consuming research which leads to the need for winning predictions. There are many online sources for Dafabet tips.

These Dafabet prediction tips cover two types of football fixtures which are described below:

League Matches

There can be three outcomes to a league football match. There could be a win for the home team, the away team could prevail or the match ends in the stalemate of a draw. In addition to the key factors mentioned above, motivation is a vital element of a football match. The needs of both teams should be considered when making your Dafabet predictions and considering Dafabet tips.

For example, if two teams at the top of the table meet, a draw could be a good result for the visiting team. These fixtures are known as six-pointers because the winning team picks up three points and the losing team fails to pick up three points. In these instances, both teams could settle for a draw at some stage of the match so this tendency should be written into any Dafabet predictions.

Cup Matches

There is always a definite outcome in a Cup match. In the past, if scores were tied after 90 minutes, there would be a replay. However, there are so many fixtures in the modern game that replays have been abolished. There has to be a result and that could mean after extra-time and penalties. there are only two outcomes: Team 1 or Team 2 to progress to the next round

Predictions involve selecting the team to move forward. In a final the winning team is described as the team to lift the trophy. There are no Cup final replays these days so extra time and maybe penalties will be required if the match is drawn after 90 minutes. This scenario means there is a need for Dafabet predictions covering two possible results.

Dafabet Football Predictions

Dafabet Cricket Predictions

Dafabet cricket prediction jackpots are less common than the football equivalent. At the time of writing there are no cricket prediction games with Dafabet. However, as jackpots become more popular and more operators enter the sports betting market in Kenya, we could see the introduction and growth of cricket jackpot prediction games.

Here are the most common formats for cricket and the number of potential outcomes:

  • Test matches: 3 results – Home Win, Draw, Away Win.
  • First Class domestic cricket: 3 results – Home Win, Draw, Away Win.
  • One Day Internationals: 2 results – Home Win, Away Win.
  • Bookmakers apply dead heat rules for tied matches.
  • Twenty20 matches: 2 results – Home Win, Away Win.
  • Bookmakers apply dead heat rules for tied matches.

Across all formats of cricket, the following tips can help you make better Dafabet predictions:

  • Weather conditions and the likelihood of delays.
  • Playing schedule for both teams.
  • Key injuries and absentees.
  • Recent head-to-head results and relative form.

Cricket prediction jackpot games will probably have the same format as football jackpot games. The objective will be to select the match winner. There will be a significant prize for an all-correct entry and consolations for getting most results correct. Prizes will be shared when there is more than one winning entry, across entries with all the number of correct predictions that win prizes.

Dafabet Predictions FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions about predictions for Dafabet jackpot games:

How to play the Dafabet jackpot?

Dafabet jackpots involve predicting the outcome of a number of football matches to win a Grand Prize for an all-correct entry. There is consolation for getting 1,2 or 3 wrong and prizes are shared when there is more than one winning entry

How to bet on cricket in Dafabet?

You can place cricket bets on Test series and matches, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 fixtures and domestic cricket. Dafabet offers cricket odds across these formats in pre-match, in-play and ante post-market.

How to predict a match outcome in Dafabet?

Nothing is guaranteed in sport so there is no guide to correctly predicting a match outcome. However, you can research the latest and head-to-head form, injuries and suspension, weather and ground conditions, and motivation to improve the chances of making correct predictions.