Accumulator Tips + Meaning Explained

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Accumulator Tips

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How Does a Betting Accumulator Work?

In the world of sports betting, an accumulator is a widely used term. Punters in Kenya are in love with our high-odds accumulator tips because ACCA bets pay a lot more than singles if you manage to populate your bet slip in the right way.

Here are the best accumulator tips today for you. If you’re here for betting predictions, feel free to check this guide out.

So, what exactly is an accumulator bet or ACCA bet? How does it work?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you won’t utilise the accumulator tips to their full potential.

A betting accumulator is a single bet that contains at least 4 selections. This is pretty much the summation of the concept.

Starting from 4 selections, an ACCA bet can go up to 20-fold accumulator predictions! It depends on which sport you’re betting on and what your market options are.

Now, other bets require multiple selections. 1×2 betting is a great example. What sets a 1×2 bet apart from an accumulator?

Well, the outcome calculation. For a 1×2 bet, you don’t need all the outcomes to go in your favour. If one of the three selections is correct, you get paid.

On betting accumulator tips, you must win on all fronts. If you have 4 selections on your ACCA bet slip, all 4 must be true for a payout.

In the last two decades or so, accumulator betting has gained immense popularity all over the world. Thankfully, it’s equally true for Kenyan punters.

Accumulator Tips

How the Odds Work in ACCA Bets?

One of the main reasons ACCA bets are so popular in Kenya is the combined odds. When you know how accumulators work and you have the know-how of the betting industry, you stand a chance to win a hefty amount.

The final odds on an accumulator bet are much higher than any single market you can bet on at online bookmakers.

Another huge reason would be the thrill of betting in Kenya. As most accumulators combine more than one sport, it’s phenomenal to witness all of them at once.

It’s a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush!

A great way to make every event exciting is placing 20-fold accumulator tips! 20 is usually the highest number of selections allowed by traditional online bookmakers.

When you add 20 different selections from 20 different matches or sports, you’re essentially creating a high-stakes event yourself. A 20 fold accumulator can make a low-stakes domestic tournament into an immensely enjoyable one.

Types of Accumulator Bets

When you’re trying to utilise the high-odds accumulator tips in Kenya, it’s crucial that you understand what your options are. In this section, we’re going to look at a few different types of accumulator bets.

  • Double: Technically, it’s not an accumulator because it contains only 2 selections instead of 4. However, many bookmakers list it as an accumulator because you accumulate more than one selection in a single bet.
  • Treble: As the name suggests, this has 3 selections under it. You combine the odds of three separate sports events to calculate your final payout.
  • 4 Fold to 20 Fold: The basic idea for all these accumulator bets is the same. If you add 4 selections to your bet, it’s a 4-fold accumulator. If you add 20 selections to your bet, it’s a 20-fold accumulator bet.

Example of Accumulator Bets

The best way to understand anything is with an example. The easiest way to understand accumulator bet is to do part by part.

Or, leg by leg. One selection of an accumulator bet is known as a ‘leg’ among the punters.

Let’s use the Kenyan Premier League as our example here. Let’s say three matches are supposed to take place between Tusker FC Nairobi and Ulinzi Starts Nakuru, Posta Rangers Nairobi and Chemelil Sugar, Nairobi City Stars and Sofapaka Nairobi.

The hypothetical odds for each match are below:

Tusker FC Nairobi (1.00) vs Ulinzi Stars Nakuru (1.10)

Posta Rangers Nairobi (2.00) vs Chemelil Sugar (1.90)

Nairobi City Stars (3.00) vs Sofapaka Nairobi (1.50)

Remember, these odds are hypothetical and we’re using them to understand how the accumulator predictions work. You can also test out the odds on an accumulator calculator if you want.

Also, we’re using the decimal odds in our example which is the most likely scenario across bookmakers in Kenya. You can change the odds format from the settings menu if the bookmaker allows it.

Let’s say you start your bet with KHS 1,000 on the first selection. You place it on Ulinzi Stars Nakuru.

When you win, you get a payout of KHS 1100. The 1,000 you bet and the 100 you received as the payout.

For the match between Posta Rangers and Chemelil Sugar, your stake is KHS 1,100. When an accumulator is active, you don’t need to wager on the 2nd match manually.

If the 1,100 is placed on Posta Rangers to win, the final payout is KHS 2,200. Now, this 2,200 is the stake for the third leg. If you place your bets on Nairobi City Stars to win and it comes through, you receive a whopping payout of KHS 6,600.

Are ACCA Bets Always Rewarding?

As you can see, what started as a mere KHS 1,000 bet ended up paying you KHS 6,600.

We’ve reached this conclusion with only three selections or a treble. Imagine how much you can rack up with 20-fold accumulator tips!

However, ACCA bets are just as devastating as they can be rewarding.

For the above scenario to work, you must predict every outcome correctly. If one of them goes wrong, you lose the entire bet.

For example, if the 3rd match between Nairobi City Stars and Sofapaka Nairobi played out differently, you would’ve lost the winnings from the first two legs along with your initial stake of KHS 1,000.

This is one of the reasons many new punters stay away from accumulator bets. Because it takes time to build up the instinct to predict match outcomes accurately.

You need to be on top of the sport, the players, and the external catalysts if you want to accurately predict the outcome of a football match or a horse race.

But if you want to cut the process short, the accumulator predictions we share come into play. In our accumulator tips today, we share the insights necessary to craft your bet slip with up to 20-fold accumulator tips!

Non-Runners in Accumulator Tips

If you’ve tried accumulators before, you might have come across the term ‘non-runners’. It simply refers to the selections that didn’t run on the accumulator.

For example, if you have a 10-fold accumulator and 3 of the events didn’t occur due to bad weather, injury, or other reasons, they’re called non-runners.

There’s nothing to worry about if it happens with your bookmakers. The selections will simply be removed from your accumulator and your odds will be adjusted automatically.

Your 10-fold accumulator will simply become a 7-fold accumulator.

Each-Way Accumulators

Each-way accumulators are simply two bets on the same selection outcomes. It’s very similar to arbitrage betting.

For example, if you’re placing a KHS 1,000 4-fold accumulator on a horse race, you place the same amount on ‘to place’ to alleviate the pressure of winning all the selections.

Accumulator Calculator

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Accumulator Tips FAQs

Accumulators are calculated in a progressive manner. As your selections come true one after the other, the payout from the first selection becomes the stake for the next one.

It continues until all selections win or one is lost. Conversely, there are accumulator calculators that you can use on the internet.

An ACCA bet is simply an accumulator bet. Punters call it ACCA across various countries around the world including Kenya.

A 7 fold accumulator is an ACCA bet where you have 7 selections. It might be from the same game or entirely different sports.

To win a 7 fold ACCA bet, you need to win all 7 of the selections.

Lose-to-win ACCA bets are special accumulator bets that allow you to win if you go wrong with at least one selection.