Win to Nil Predictions + Meaning Explained

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Win to Nil Predictions

Last modified: 2022-10-07 02:30:40 UTC+ 1
Yield: -3.04%
France vs Australia
World Cup Grp. D
22/11 20:00
France to win to nil
World Cup match between France and Australia. Defending Champions France will look to defend their title by playing for a win here. They have a star studded team and will probably be here to impress....
BE Patient
Yield: 1.17%
FC Volendam vs Ajax
08/10 16:30
Ajax to win to nil
Volendam will play very hard match in this new round of Dutch Eredivisie because their opponent will be Ajax and I have doubt that they can even score in this match so it will be very hard to expect points...
Yield: -3.44%
Manchester City vs Southampton
Premier League
08/10 16:00
Manchester City to win to nil
I would take a bet on the home team here today to win this game to nil, the home team plays every game like a final, the really play with passion, the are hoping to top the league when Arsenal clash with...
Yield: -0.76%
FC Kolos Kovalivka vs Inhulets Petrove
Premier League
07/10 16:00
FC Kolos Kovalivka to win to nil
Kolos Kovalivka face Inhulets Petrove. This viist for Inhalets will be hard and I expect to lose it. I expect Kolos Kovalivka to be on high level and I expect to win to nil this home match. I expect Inhulets...
Yield: -3.07%
Chelsea vs Wolverhampton
Premier League
08/10 16:00
Chelsea to win to nil
Its Chelsea up against Wolverhampton. As for this match I guess that this will be a win gor the home team. As tge home team as become very disciplined in the back. So as for this match I guess that the...

What is Win to Nil?

Win to nil is a soccer betting market where you bet on one team to win the match without conceding a goal. Scorelines such as 1 – 0, 2 – 0, 3 – 0, and 0 – 1 would all be correct win to nil predictions, whereas 0 – 0, 2 – 1, and 5 – 1 would result in losing wagers. The odds can be significantly higher because there is less room for error when making win to nil betting predictions than the 1X2 (match result) market.

Some bettors assume ‘win to nil’ and ‘to keep a clean sheet’ are the same market, but the latter also wins if the final score is nil-nil. Most betting sites provide three separate win to nil markets: home team win to nil, away team win to nil, and any team win to nil.

Win to Nil Predictions

Win to Nil Odds

Having established the win to nil meaning, let’s take a closer look at some real-life betting odds and contrast them with alternative betting markets to see how they stack up.

Using a popular betting site in Kenya, these are the odds (in decimal) for the Champions League game – Manchester City vs Club Brugge.

Match Result (1X2) Odds

  • Home team: Manchester City – odds 1.115
  • Draw – odds 11.50
  • Away team: Club Brugge – odds 29.0

Manchester City are the overwhelming favourites to win this match. However, their odds of 1.115 aren’t very attractive for bettors using small to medium-size stakes.

To Keep a Clean Sheet Odds

  • Home team – odds 1.616
  • Away team – odds 17.0

The odds have jumped up to 1.616, which is a much better value. Still, this is the ‘to keep a clean sheet’ market that allows for goalless draws, which is unlikely for this fixture given who is playing.

WtN Odds

  • Home team – odds: Yes 1.73
  • Away team – odds: Yes 56.0

That brings us to the odds for the win to nil predictions. Manchester City are now 1.73, which is a far better return than the 1.11 offered for the match result. Of course, you carry greater risk. A goal for Club Brugge, and you lose the bet.

Win to Nil Tips

Bettors can approach finding the best win to nil predictions today in various ways, but we can share a few tips to help set you on the right path.

Our strategy involves selecting all the teams that we think will win comfortably. This means sides like Manchester City at home to Brugge. If the teams are too evenly balanced, the result could go either way, so you’re immediately reducing your chances of winning.

Based on the win to nil meaning, the next thing we look at is the defence of the side we think will win and the attack of the opposition. The top win to nil tips would be a tight defence against a weak attack. A prime example of this was Chelsea vs Norwich City in the Premier League.

Continuing the research, you should look at the home and away form. A home win to nil prediction is typically safer because most sides play better (and pick up more points) at home. Yet, they are exceptions. Perhaps, a manager plays an extra defender for away games looking not to concede while hoping to pinch a goal on the counter. There are thousands of statistics available online, so it’s easy to collect all the data.

Furthermore, pay attention to the line-ups. If a key defender is injured or missing through illness or suspension, how much will this weaken the team? Perhaps the odds for the win to nil tips won’t seem as generous in such scenarios.

Best Win to Nil Betting Sites in Kenya

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Win to Nil Predictions FAQs

You now know all about the win to nil meaning. It can be a rewarding betting market if you take your time and research the best predictions. Additionally, it’s important to be realistic; only a few games each week in the English Premier League are likely to be eligible candidates for this type of bet.

What does it mean to win either half?

As the name suggests, the win or half bet is predicting a team that will score more goals than the opposing side in at least one of the two halves. The match’s final score doesn’t matter; for example, let’s say we bet on Club Brugge to win either half. At half-time, they are losing 5 – 0. However, they won the second half 0 – 1 (final score 5 – 1). You win this bet because Brugge won one half.

How to predict the win to nil?

The best way to predict win to nil bets is to find strong teams who are facing far weaker opposition. If the weaker opposition is struggling to score goals, that’s even better. In addition, a home win to nil prediction tends to be a wiser bet than going for the away team.

What is any team to win to nil?

Rather than specifying the home team or away team, betting sites also offer any team win to nil. This means that as long as one side wins and keeps a clean sheet (it doesn’t matter which one), the bet is won. Quick tip, before betting on this market, check out the odds for BTTS ‘No’ as you might get more value.

What does it mean to win from behind?

This is a risky bet, but the odds are usually decent. Win from behind means the team that you back must be losing at some point in the match, but go on to win the game. For example, you bet on Man City to win from behind. Brugge takes a surprise lead, but the match finishes 3 – 1 to City, and you win the bet.