System Bet Prediction + Meaning Explained

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System Bet Calculator

System Bets Calculator
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18+. Maximum amount – KSH19,500 The minimum deposit is KSH 1,000.00 . Wager 5 times the bonus amount in accumulator bets. At least 3 of the events included in an accumulator must have odds of 1.40 or higher. T&Cs Apply.

How Does the System Bet Prediction Work?

A system bet is an advanced way to bet where a bettor bets on the games in a multiplied kind of way. Instead of betting on a certain number of games as in accumulator bets, system bets combine the games individually. With a system bet, you only need a couple of your entries to be correct for you to win instead of the whole betting slip. Here is a system bet example to illustrate with.

Let’s use the 2/3 system bets to illustrate. In this system, there are 3 games you want to bet on. Instead of placing the bets individually, you can make a combination of 2 games each.

  • Game 1: Liverpool vs AC Milan (You play Liverpool to win at 2.3 odds)
  • Game 2: Porto vs Barcelona (You play Barcelona to win at 1.9 odds)
  • Game 3: Atletico vs Borussia Dortmund (You play the game at under 2.5 system bets at 2.2 odds)

WIth System bets, you can now combine the games like this

  • Bet 1: Game1 and Game 2
  • Bet 2: Game 2 and Game 3
  • Bet 3: Game 1 and Game 3

At the end of game time, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid win, but Barcelona loses, which means only the bet 3 enter. If you placed 100 KES per bet which turns into 300 KES for the 3 bets, your winning will be 506 (100 * 2.3 * 2.2). So a profit of about 204 KES will be gotten, whereas, with accumulator bets, you are bound to lose the 100 KES you would have used to wager the 3 games.

System Bet Prediction

Pros and Cons of System Bets Predictions

There are some advantages of using system bets over other types of bets. Here are some of the advantages.


  • You have a higher chance of converting your bets to profit with this system of betting.
  • Versatility. With the system bet prediction systems, there are several ways you can place system bets, and you can easily win with each way.
  • You do not need the whole game to be winning games for you to win your bet. Just 2 winning entries will get you a win and some money.
  • You can combine several markets and sports events in a system bet. For example, you can place match results and under 2.5 goals system bet in one bet slip.


There are also some disadvantages of using system bets to bet on games. Some of them are:

  • With most bookmakers, you can’t use the welcome bonus to place system bets predictions.
  • System bets require multiples of the amount you would have used to bet in accumulator bets.
  • It can be complicated, and mistakes based on miscalculating the system bets can occur.
  • New bettors can’t place system bets due to the complexity.

Of course, using betting predictions will increase your chances of winning, whether with system bets or accumulator bets or any other kind of betting system.

Types of System Bets

Apart from the popular 2/3, 3/5, 4/6 bets, there are several variations of system bets and they all have special names. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the most popular system bets among bettors.

Canadian Bet.

In the Canadian bet, you are making 26 bets on 5 games. The Canadian bet slip consists of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 1 4-fold, and 1 five-fold combination. With the Canadian bet, only 2 of the predictions out of the 5 games have to come true for you to win some money.

Patent Bet

This is a system bet where you place bets in 3 games. With a patent system bet, you will cover all the possible combinations for the 3 games and will win if only one prediction comes to pass.

Trixie Bet

The Trixie system bet combines 3 games into a 4 bet selection. This is done by combining the 3 games into 3 double bets as in 2/3 bet and the 3 games into 1 triple bet. This is also an easy system bet to win.

Heinz Bet

With the Heinz bet, you are combining 6 games into 57 different selections and betting on each of them. The Heinz bet slip will consist of 10 double, 20 triple, 15 4-Fold, 6 five-fold, and 1 six-fold bet. You can make a profit on the Heinz bet if only 2 predictions come to pass.

Super Heinz

This is an upgrade to the Heinz bet with about 120 bets in a 7 games selection. In the Super Heinz bet slip, you will have 35 triple, 35 4-fold, 21 double, 21 five-fold, 7 six-fold and 1 seven-fold bet. This system can be hard to track and should be used only by experienced bettors.

Lucky 63

This is also similar to the Heinz bet. But with the Lucky 63, you are covering all the possible selections for a 6 game bet. In the Lucky 63 bet slip, you will have 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 4-fold, 6 five-fold, and 1 six-fold bet. The Lucky 63 also ups the Heinz bet in that only one prediction out of the 6 games have to be successful for you to win your bet.

System bet prediction FAQs

What is a 3/5 system bet?

In a 3/5 system bet, the bettor places a bet on 10 picks out of 5 games. These 10 picks are gotten if you combine the 5 games in 3 pools. The bettor wins if at least 3 games from the 5 games win.

What is a system bet in 1xbet?

A system bet 1xbet is a betting system that combines singular games in different ways to increase the chances of the bet slip winning.
If there are 4 games, let’s label them as A, B, C, D. the bettor can combine the games in these formats AB, AC, AD, BC, CD, CD. These are now 6 different sets of bets. If game A and B predictions are correct. That will mean that only the combination of AB will be the winning combination.

How to use the system bet calculator?

The systems bet calculator can be used to calculate your system bets potential winning. This calculation depends on the type of system bets you are placing. For example, a 2/4 system bet will require 2 games out of 4 games to win for your betslip to win but will have greater win money if 3 games win. But with the Trixie system bet, you need 2 games out of the 3 to win your bet, but if 3 out of 3 enter, your win is much higher than just the 2/4 system bet.

How to win with system bets?

Since there are various forms of system bets, there are different criteria to win them. If you play the 2/3 system bet prediction, only 2 games need to win for you to win your bet. Whereas if you play the 5/7 system bet prediction, 5 games out of the 7 need to win for you to be a winner.