888bet Aviator Kenya – In-Depth Review 2024

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Play the 888bet Aviator game in Kenya and stand a chance to win a special bonus from 888bet Casino. In this guide, you’ll learn how to play this fantastic game.

Discover 888bet Aviator

888bet AviatorDetailsAccess the Site
Bonus typeFree betsVisit 888bet Aviator
Maximum winningDepending on the GameVisit 888bet Aviator
Frequency25 timesVisit 888bet Aviator

You will find the best Aviator games in Kenya on 888bet. They are one of the best online betting sites for sports and online real-money casino games.

If you want to bet on anything besides sports, you can check out the bookie’s Aviator game.

The idea behind the 888bet Aviator game is straightforward. Players can place wagers on the duration of a virtual flight.

Before each round’s jet takes off, players can deposit a single or double wager. The possible payout is displayed as a multiplier that changes as the plane travels.

The longer the plane keeps flying, the greater the multiplier value and the potential payout. Players who want to collect their rewards must do so before the plane disappears from view.

Discover 888bet Aviator

What is the 888bet Aviator Bonus?

If this is your first time playing Aviator, you’ll be happy to hear that 888bet Kenya is giving out a bonus. The bookie does not have a sports welcome bonus but instead offers one for the Aviator Spribe game.

This special bonus is available to all players on the site, whether you’re a new or existing player.

If you play the Aviator game on 888bet Kenya, you will get to share in the prize pool. Players stand a chance to win daily free bets.

This promotion is available every week, and players can compete for it up to 25 times.

To claim the bonus, you need to start the registration process with the bookie and then make your deposit. You can do this using the app registration or sign up directly on their website.

You can also benefit from the bonus offer if you complete your registration with the 888bet promo code.

888bet Aviator Rules

Aviator is a standout among casino games because of its novel approach. Each round’s winner is decided by a random number generator.

The game’s visual presentation is what really draws in gamers, though.

To that end, how exactly do you engage in the game of “Aviator”? Here’s what you should know about playing this game on the 888bet sports betting site:

Choose Your Stake

Before you begin playing Aviator on 888bet, you need to set your wager. Make sure you deposit funds into your betting account before you start the game.

Also, take note of the minimum and maximum stakes accepted for this game before you begin.

Follow the Plane

Next, you proceed to start the game by following the plane. When you do so, it will make sure you watch out if the plane is still flying up.

The trick is to collect your winnings before the plane disappears. If the aircraft is gone, then your money is too. However, if you collect on time, then you’ll be lucky.

Collect your Winnings

If you collect your winnings before the plane is gone, then it means you’ve won.

Immediately, the game will pay your winnings to your 888bet account. You can then decide if you want to withdraw it; just keep playing Aviator.

Winning and Payouts

The Aviator Spribe game has an RTP of 97% and usually pays out in fractions, which will be approximated to two decimals.

How to Register on 888bet Aviator?

There’s no special requirement to play the Aviator game on 888bet. Instead, once you have a betting account on 888bet, the game is just one of the many offers you’ll have access to.

You can register with this bookie by filling out and submitting the registration form.

How to Play 888bet Aviator?

There is no surefire way to win at the Aviator game on 888bet, especially with the plethora of strategies and hints you’ll find online on this game.

Instead, the tips and techniques you get can help, but you should remember that the whole idea is to have fun.

Follow these simple tips:

Repetitive Wins and Losses

After a losing streak, a longer flight and larger multiplier should be expected. If the plane has successfully taken off with a 1.2 multiplier a number of times, for instance, subsequent flights are more likely to be successful.

Observe Other Players

Aviator uses a Random Number Generator (RNG)-based multiplier algorithm, and as such, there is no cheating of any kind. Still, those who have spent more time than average on the site playing the game might have seen a few trends.

If a large number of players appear to be cashing out at once, you should follow their strategy.

High and Low Bets

When playing the Aviator game, you can make a double wager. One good strategy is to make a high and low bet at the same time.

You may be wondering how this is possible. You can make a large bet and then you quickly cash out before the plane disappears.

Then right after that, make a low bet, but this time wait much longer for the plane before you cash out. This way, if the plane disappears before you cash out after the long wait, you won’t lose a lot of money; you would only be risking a small portion.

888bet Kenya Aviator Review

The Aviator slot machine from Spribe has become popular at online gambling platforms since its 2019 debut.

It’s not surprising that many gamblers have developed an interest in this new game since it’s only just been out for a couple of years. Kenyans, too, have an opportunity to try their hand at this game, thanks to 888bet.

The bookie, of course, not only offers an opportunity to bet on sports but offers Kenyans other games. If you play Aviator on 888bet Kenya, you can compete for the bonus prize on their site.

They offer the best bonus compared to other bookie’s online Aviators. However, remember you must make a deposit first before you can play the game.

You can only win real money when you deposit funds into your 888bet account.

Aviator stands out when compared to other slot machines and table games. Each round is completely random, thanks to its RNG, and the attractive interface keeps players interested.

In addition, you can enjoy Aviator on your computer or mobile device. The game’s fantastic features are the same whether at home or on the move.

Special bonusFast-paced game
Straightforward gameplayComplicated features
High-quality graphics and visuals


You can claim free bets for 888bet Aviator if you have completed your registration on the bookie’s site and played the game. The daily free bet is available to all customers on the 888bet Kenya site.

Players can claim the 888bet Aviator bonus up to 25 times. 888bet offers one of the best free bets compared to other bookies’ online Aviators.

If you’re playing the 888bet Aviator game for the first time, make sure you fund your account before launching the game.

Then proceed to set your wager and follow the plane to cash out before it disappears.

Yes. The 888bet Aviator game is available on mobile and PC. As such, you can play this game on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablet devices.

The 888bet Aviator game has been fully optimised for mobile experience using the latest HTML 5 tech. You can begin to play the Aviator Spribe game on your mobile device after you complete your app registration.

It’s easy to withdraw your winnings to your account in the 888bet Aviator game, just as it is easy to deposit. Once you place your bet, ensure you cash out just before the virtual plane disappears from your screen.

If you can collect your winnings before the plane is gone, they will be credited to your betting account. You can choose to either withdraw the money or continue playing with it.