Odds Prediction + Meaning Explained

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Football Odds Predictions

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What is Odds Prediction?

If you are new to the world of sports betting, you should realise that the odds are the most important factor when it comes to making your selections. You can read all the odds prediction tips you like – but if the odds are not favourable there probably isn’t much point in placing that bet.

Essentially, odds are the bookmakers’ way of showing you how probable a particular outcome is of happening. If your betting predictions are correct, they can also tell you how much you are likely to receive in winning returns.

Odds Prediction

How Do Bookmakers Work Out Odds?

Before we get into odds prediction tips and how to understand the prices themselves, we thought it might be a good idea to show you how the odds come about.

There are a number of factors that go into deciding odds but the main one is the bookmaker’s view of how an event is going to finish. They will employ analysts to look at data relating to an event and then come out with bet odds prediction.

They will then also take into consideration how much money they think will be bet on the event. Odds won’t want to be taking too much of a loss if it isn’t a popular wager. Then they will add a margin into the odds as a way of making money from all bets.

Odds Calculator

How to Understand Odds?

We are going to use an example to show you how a football odds prediction bet might work.

If Liverpool is playing Manchester United the win draw win odds might be something like this:

  • Liverpool 1/1
  • The Draw 3/1
  • Manchester United 4/1

In this scenario, Manchester United are the underdogs and Liverpool the favourite. The 1/1 price means that there is a 50% chance of Liverpool winning. This is called evens. If you were to bet 100 KES on Liverpool to win you would receive 100 KES in winnings – plus your original 100 KES stake.

If your football odds prediction was to bet on Manchester United to win you would receive 400 KES, plus your original stake of 100 KES.

Decimal and American Odds

Depending on the bookmaker you are using, you may see odds formatted in different ways. The odds themselves are no different, it is just a different way of presenting the information.

The decimal odds version of the example we gave before would look like this:

  • Liverpool 2.00
  • The Draw 4.00
  • Manchester United 5.00

More places present the odds in a decimal fashion these days. This might be because they are simpler to understand as they present the total amount of units you will get back from a one-unit bet.

The American odds version of the same betting market would look like this:

  • Liverpool +100
  • The Draw +300
  • Manchester United +400

In this format, if you see a + the number is how much you would receive from a $100 bet. If there was a – instead, it would denote how much money you would have to bet to receive $100. The + would show you the underdog, while the – would show the favourite.

Odds Predictions Tips

There are entire websites dedicated to odds prediction and football odds prediction tips. The truth is that there are no guarantees when it comes to betting. High odds soccer predictions may promise the chance of winning a lot for a minimum stake. But those higher odds only mean that the outcome is less likely to happen.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to football odds predictions though.

  • Look at the recent history of the teams – against each other and in general
  • Consider the draw – a lot of people only think about who will win a match
  • Figure out if the odds offer good value – is it worth placing the bet?

How Odds Change?

The more you bet, the more you will understand the bet odds prediction. You will also see how odds change before – and during – events.

In any given football match there are hundreds of reasons why the odds may change. For live betting, it will be down to what is happening on the pitch. The dropping odds prediction for a Liverpool win, in our example, will be if Liverpool starts scoring some goals. You will not be offered the same odds if the home win becomes more likely as the game goes on.

The key to betting is finding that original value in the odds – and then adapting to any change in the odds. Experienced bettors can make successful predictions before the odds change to make the most of their stake. That being said, sports betting is always unpredictable – no matter how ‘obvious’ an outcome seems to be.

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Odds Prediction FAQs

What do odds mean?

Odds are the way that bookmakers show the probability of an outcome of an event. They also tell you how much you are likely to win if your prediction is correct.

How to read odds?

We outlined the ways of reading different formats of odds above. You should understand how to read odds before you place any bets.

How to win a football prediction?

There is no guarantee of winning bets or making correct football predictions. You should just make sure that you arm yourself with enough knowledge to make an informed prediction.

How to predict odds?

You can predict the probable odds of a game by looking at the teams’ recent form and working out how likely the different outcomes of an event will be.

What does +100 odds mean?

This is the American way of presenting odds – and +100 would mean that if you bet $100 you would win $100.

How to know if a team is favoured to win?

The favourites will always be shown with shorter odds. If you use fractional odds that means 2/1 rather than 3/1. If you use decimal odds that means 2.00 rather than 3.00. With American odds, the favourite is usually presented with odds with a – rather than a +.